Strategy in choosing draft position in Keeper league

I inherited a terrible team joining a keeper league and our league has a draft to choose your draft position.

I choose 5th but I’m having trouble figuring out what position to choose.

I will have a 1st round pick and I predict that CEH, Drake, Sanders, Chubb and MT will be available.

Do I choose a position as high as possible to snag one of these guys even though its a stretch? I think about 6 other guys will have their 1st rounders as well.

Tbh this post is kind of confusing. If what you’re saying is you’re picking fifth overall, grab an RB.

Sorry for the confusion. Basically I’m 5th to choose what my draft position will be.

So which draft position should I choose?

choosing a high draft pick makes me reach for a player but guarantees one I want and choosing a later one will make me miss out but won’t be a reach

assuming youre in a 12 team league, it might be a good idea to take the 9th or 10th spot. you would want to make sure 6 other teams are keeping a 1st round pick. that way, you would get 2 top picks off the turn. and youre devaluing the other owners first round picks. if you choose the 4th or 5th spot, you might get sanders & golladay. 9th spot could get you drake & julio

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that’s what i am thinking as well. The only must have player that won’t be kept by another person is Michael Thomas and CEH. Other than that, they are low 1st round high 2nd round picks. The only unfortunate thing is that some of the 1st round players will not be kept with a 1st rounder keeper(Kamara with 7th, Drake with 6th) so that really makes my 1st round selection difficult.