Strategy Question - When to look at QB/TE in dynasty?

Unless someone unexpected falls to me, I normally don’t even look at QB/TE until I’ve got all my starters. However I’ve only ever done redraft/keeper before. Currently doing my first ever dynasty startup draft (slow draft over a week or so), and I’m trying to figure out if I should prioritise a bit differently given the potential long-term impact of having a star at certain positions.

If you want the details…
6 rounds in, and pretty happy with my first 6 picks. (Picking at the 3 spot in a 12-team draft):
1.03 McCaffery
2.10 Diggs
3.03 K Johnson
4.10 Kupp
5.03 Golladay
6.10 DJ Moore
It’s a 26 round draft, no K/Def, and the starting roster is QB, 2x RB, 3xWR, 1xTE, 2x Flex (W/R/T), so fairly deep lineups

My default would be to continue with the RB/WR picks. There are some solid middle round options still on the board (R Anderson, Jeffrey, Watkins, Pettis, Miller, Penny, Freeman, etc.) that would be great to add.

However, I’m looking at the board and wondering if I should prioritise QB/TE a bit higher that I would normally given the format.

Picked so far:
QB: Mahomes, Watson, Luck, Brees (I guess the owner is a saints fan)
TE: Kelce, Engram, Kittle, Ertz, Howard, Henry, Ebron, Hooper)

What do people think? I’m assuming there’ll be a QB run between 7.03 and 8.10 so do I maybe preempt the rush to grab a Mayfield, Wentz, Goff as my dynasty QB1? Or do I just wait and pick up something like a Darnold/Rivers combo later.

Or how about TE - with most of the big names gone is it worth reaching for someone like Hockenson/Andrews as a long-play, then drafting a Jordan Reed type later to tide me over a year?

Just curious to see how much people change the strategy in this format

Thanks in advance

Great question! No right answer from my perspective. It’s personal preference based on comfort level.

I do not prioritize QB/TE in dynasty unless it is:

  • Superflex/2QB
  • TE premium
  • 14+ teams

I would continue to use tiers to draft. Dynasty QB/TE tiers should look different than redraft. Make your own if you can’t find something you agree with. Note where the tier break is that you don’t feel comfortable with the players below and use that to determine when to make your move. I prefer not to reach.

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