Strategy question

should I feel bad for capitalizing on people that have given up? I am one of the higher seeds, and the lower seeds have started trading away studs… went to start the trade offer with weaker players (mixon and D Parker) to see if they’d be willing to trade McCoy and he accepted the offer, I kind of feel bad… thoughts?

If I were in a league like that (and I am and have been) I personally would be annoyed by that. But it really all depends on the league because everyone is different.

If it’s a dynasty or keeper league, bottom level teams may be thinking about next year and attempt to get younger, promising players like a Mixon, for example. Hard to say about your current situation.

But it’s also hard to police. I’ve attempted to enforce a rule that last place team has to do “something.” Never got it that far, but something embarrassing, unflattering, whatever. That way even teams at the bottom have incentive to compete so that they don’t finish in last.

For you current situation giving up 2 ok players for one good player is certainly not egregious, however if I were in the league and knew the situation, I’d probably be peeved. But again, if it’s not blantant collusion, what can you really do?

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