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Strategy structure


How important is CONFERENCE BALANCE within your fantasy football roster?


I personally don’t focus on it at all. I might care if i have players on same team (eg probably avoid drafting elliot, dez and prescott). Could you expand on why you are interested in conference balance? I might be missing something.


I maintain conference balance gives more overall flexibility through
matchup variety and schedule versatility


Maybe that’s true but I’d need to see some hard numbers before I start worrying about conference balance.


Multiple numbers with commas i might add


I wouldn’t worry about it at all, to be honest. I’d never pass up on a value pick due to their conference; In my opinion it’s a complete nonreactor but if you were to show me statistical data that proved me wrong, I’d be open to the argument.


I had not thought of this before. This might actually be interesting to look into taking into account what you say about matchup versatility.


Value is wide ranged or should be im not saying you cant win without balance but it should absolutely be addressed early to mid rounds to increase ones odds


Not many people have if any at all i personally recommend it and consider yourself one step ahead of the competition a new strategy trend is born into the fantasy football industry -KingReed