Stream a QB : Brissett or Big Ben

Hi everyone.
I have to stream a QB this week. I was going for Big Ben but i’m getting hesitant, Jacksonville has the best pass D and Martavis Bryant is questionable. I think he will play but maybe not 100%.
On the other hand, Jacoby Brissett has a nice matchup against san francisco and couldbhaveba great game. What donyou think?

I did this exact swap in a league and feel good about it. Look at what SF has given up to QB’s so far this season, and Brissett had a good game against another weak D in Cleveland.

That’s a tough one but I think I’d go Big Ben. He has yet to really show the Steelers offense off and since he’s at home it’s very possible we could see that if he gets them going in a nice groove.

The Jags haven’t had a true offensive test yet either playing Houston (before Watson really took over), the Titans, the Ravens, and the Jets. They’ve had several good matchups themselves so it’s hard to tell how they’ll produce against the Steelers offense.

I’m starting Brissett in one league, but I didn’t have the option of Big Ben. I think in that situation I’d still go with the matchup in Brissett. The Jags have looked great on D this year and SF is just bad on defense.