Stream a QB week

Bortles is projected highest v Indy and that’s my lean.

Mariota v Pats
Eli v SF
Mullens v NYG
Mayfield v Atl

Thoughts appreciated.

Shamelessly bumpaging.

I am in same spot. I am not even considering Bortles this year until he can prove otherwise. I have Russell but he is playing the Rams. Mullens and Mayfield really interest me this week as well.

I’d love to have Russell in this position. Go back and look at the history of opposing QBs v the Rams. They bring the best out of opposing QBs because they put up so many points offensively.

Indy has been looking better each week. Of those options, I would think Mayfield or Mullens first. Mayfield likely has the highest upside since ATL’s DST is hot garbage right now. Mullens had one good game against a trash team so it’s tough to really rank him as of yet. Eli is so hit or miss you have to hope the good verison of him shows up, and Mariota is someone in the same boat as Eli (not as bad, but their weapons are arguably worse outside of Lewis).

Russel should be fine - Rams Secondary and Linebackers are having a hard time in coverage.

Mariota is interesting, Look at what Trubisky put up against the PATS he and Mariota are very similar.

Mariota and Mayfield over Bortles, not touching Eli.

I’d take a long look at Mullens as Shanahan works wonders and this Giants team looks like they’re over the season.

I’ve decided to not touch Mullens. Reminds me of Brock Osweiller coming out blazing in his first week, only to put up nothing the following weeks. Just too risky. I’m honestly down to Mayfield or Mariota and leaning Mayfield at this point. Thanks for sharing

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I’d honestly go Mayfield here.

OP doesn’t have Wilson, so that’s a scratch. I still don’t trust Mariota. In many ways those 3 are all the same. Extreme boom or bust. I still think Mullens or Mayfield. I don’t think you could wrong with either one.