Stream Brisette or Darnold in 2 QB league

So one of my leagues is a 2 QB league. I’ve got Brady and Wentz on BYE. I’ve got Josh Allen but I need ti stream a QB this week and my best options are Brisette (if he plays) and Darnold. BTW It’s 6 pt for TD and 1 point for every 10 yards passing

I’d go Brissett if hes a full go

And since Jacoby is now out, I think I might go Hoyer over Darnold. Yikes

Lol yeah I picked up Darnold but I’ve still been debating if I should go Hoyer. The thing that worries me with Hoyer is the two WR being out and I could see this being a Marlon Mack game. With Darnold, maybe he at least is forced to throw? Who knows. Oh, Fitzmagic/Fitztragic is also available FWIW lol