Stream Foles over Goff week 16?

I have a choice of Goff or Foles for week 16, waiver wire choices are very slim. Would it be crazy of me to stream Foles at in Philly against Houston, who Darnold had a very solid game against? Any input is appreciated!

This is tough. You have a QB who has been thrust into the starting role, something he has proven to be solid at. Or a slumping star in an equally challenging matchup. I still like Goffs weapons better than i do foles, so i think you gotta ride or die by Goff here

Crazily to say but I would go Foles.
Goff’s throwing motion has been off for ages, and he’s missing easy throws, also now defences have copped on and are not falling for their play action - They’re covering deep and daring them to run the ball. Gurley will also vulture any goal line TDs.

Foles bombing deep to Jeffrey last week is worth a gamble again I think.

Big D*ick Nick is getting warmed up for another crazy SB run, but they have to win.

Thanks for the input guys. I heard someone mention that if Goff hadn’t had that ridiculous fumble(pass?) he had and if the Reynolds TD pass would have stood instead of Gurkey running it in from the 1, Goff would have actually put up a decent stat line for the week, even if it looked atrocious in real life. I think I gotta go with the guys that have gotten me this far and stick with Goff, hoping for the best this week against the Cards. Can’t get cheeky now in the final, I did that a few years back and it cost me. Thanks again for input!

No problem dude, that’s what the Foot clan are here for. Each other!
Good luck in your final, let us know how it goes for you and post in here when you hopefully win!