Stream Indy or KC DST over the Ravens this week?

I could use the upside of a double digit fantasy score from my DST this week, would you pick up and stream either the Colts or the Chiefs and bench the Ravens this week?

Redskins and Giants also in the mix but feel like they would be a floor play given the low over/under

I picked up Indy last week against Buffalo, got me 19points to help me win. And I started to think about dropping them for someone else this week, but on second thought, having them against Derek Carr and the Raiders is a good idea too so I’m gonna bank on Indy doing well again. Not to mention Lynch is on IR and theyve lost Cooper

This is my thinking too, they got dropped last week and no one picked them up this week. I’m still going back and forth with adding another RB/WR but i don’t have a need to grab one and the choices aren’t that great so thought i could maybe get a boom game from a DST and ensure the win.

My team is on the left and my opponent this week has a couple of pieces, you think i should grab them and see what Hopkins does for him on Thursday night? If i need the upside play them but if not grab a stash guy like Penny, Foreman, Ivory at RB or Parker at WR in case of trade deadline moves? Or i can get the jump on Ertz’s bye week next week and grab McDonald now ahead of time?

I personally think you’re fine at RB.

It might be good to stash another TE ahead of Ertz’s bye. I think you’re pretty solid with your starting line up, you don’t necessarily NEED your defense to help pull out the win, but if you really wanna boost your potential even more then you could swap the Ravens for Indy too

I should add I’ve got a trade going through for Keenan Allen with Doug Baldwin and Richard going the other way so i will have a free slot. Richard was just a last second pick up last week but i feel like I’ve got a solid WR core now with less concern with Baldwin out. RBs are fine and was only looking for a guy that may have a decent game and i could try and trade in a 2 for 1 to get an under performing stud potentially.

If Hopkins goes off any gets 20 plus (standard league) maybe i’ll think about putting the upside DST in there with Indy but otherwise i’ll grab either a TE for next week or a stash RB/WR and see if they can be useful in a trade. I’m sure the Ravens will be good for 4-7 points or something like that, just worried that if Hopkins goes big then Kelce and Rodgers could make it closer than i’d like

Sounds like a plan!

So Hopkins went off lol. I’m 26 points down with Hopkins and his kicker played. Powell is out for him and he has no RB options. I flipped the ravens for the jags for their ROS schedule after the bye.

Would you play the Jags DST or stream Indy or KC for upside points here? Or do i sit Cam vs the Ravens and stream (don’t throw up lol) Carr, Mayfield, Bethard, Bortles or Keenum? Or just roll as i am and hope Green, OBJ and Mixon carry me this week?

Of those 3 defenses I PERSONALLY feel like Indy have the best shot at producing points this week in particular. Jags are against the Eagles who could easily make it a tight game, KC against the Broncos who could definitely score with DT/Sanders or Lindsay. I would go with Indy against a depleted/shitty Raiders personally (I’m wondering if the Raiders are tanking right now with their trades for 1st round picks)

As for QBs, I think of all those options Cam is your most reliable one imo

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