STREAM QB and other team has his weapons?

So i streamed GOFF and wanted to keep him for ROS. there are Rivers and big BEN there on WW.

So the thing is, My opponent has WOODS and COOKS on his roster for week 5.

what should i do? should i stream one of the above?

I mean yea, it would be great if he just focused on kupp and gurley all game LOL. Any input?

I’d go for big ben if i were to pick one since he’ll be playing atl and its gunna be a high scoring game since thats all atl can do is force the opposing team to score more than them. But Goff is throwing to everyone and get TDs to everyone so it’s likely both cooks and woods combined would out score goff

thanks … im looking for more of a ROS qb. I dont like streaming qb. my top 3 choices are goff, rivers, and ben. leaning towards goff.

Im asking if my having the qb or 2 of my opponents WR is a bad thing or good thing.

Ben would be the better stream. But I’d probably rather have rivers or goff ros