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Stream Rivers over Brees?


Title pretty much says it all. I’m leaning towards the stream this week. Rivers and the Chargers offense are rolling pretty good lately and going against the Browns so-so pass D this week. Brees has been ok (started him all season and it hasn’t hurt too bad), but with the Saints leaning heavy on the run game, his ceiling isn’t what it used to be. What do you folks think?


Something to add here. I also have Ingram and Kamara. I’ve been rolling out the trio for the last seven weeks and it has worked out pretty well.


I take the lack of replies to mean that you all agree and I should go with Rivers. Either that or nobody cares? Anyone?


I didn’t see this but most ppl are picking up rivers off waivers if by some miracle he’s fallen. He’s ranked as the 5th best QB this week by both fantasy pros and espn (haven’t checked yahoo yet and Ballers aren’t out yet).


I would go Rivers, has bigger upside I think.


Thanks for the help guys! I’ll be streaming the River(s) this weekend!