Stream this week QB?

I currently have Ben Roth. and Russell Wilson. Should I pick up and stream Matt Ryan and drop one of the QBs I have. My main concern is Wilson. Great matchup but bad offense.

What the hell. No play big ben at home. He’s better than most streamers. Ryan is good too and they’re pretty close for me but I’m going big ben whenever he’s at home.

No reason to own 3 QBs. Not even sure why you own 2 QBs.

so should I drop wilson and pick up a RB or WR?

You don’t think wilson has a better match up than ben? Fantasy football is fairly new to me haha

Nah man. Wilson on the road vs Cardinals have one of the lowest O/U on the week at 39 points.

One lesson in fantasy is you always play big ben when he’s at home. Doesn’t really matter who it’s vs. He just kills it at home. And vs ravens D who have a very suspect secondary, with a 50 point O/U, Ben is the play.

EDIT: I wouldn’t drop wilson. He’s too good to drop. But if someone gives you a decent WR/RB for him, I’d do it and just stream the weeks where Big Ben is bad / on the road.

Yea, I agree with @MikeMeUpp. Keep who you have and go look and see who needs QB help in your league. Then try to offer Wilson for a WR1 or RB1.

To be clear, I did not say you can or will get a WR1 or RB1 for Wilson. That’s a pipe dream. But maybe you combo Wilson + to get an upgrade or even offer Wilson for a potential weekly RB2 WR2 or flex player for example although you may not even get something that good. People who know what they’re doing do not give up RB1 and WR1s for QB in a single QB league. Like if could get a Kenny G, Michel, type player for Wilson, id jump on that in a heart beat.

Just want to make sure you have the right expectations going in. If someone tried to trade me Wilson for an RB1, I’d laugh in their face.

Got it thank you that was very helpful.

I like Matt Ryan in this play better than Ben. Both are solid plays and both are predicted by Vegas to go over 50 points. Baltimore is more familiar with Pitt. so there is a chance that game is going to go under the 50 point total. I like Atl and Cinci to shoot out. Atlanta has a decimated defense but an offense that can put the points up as fast as they are stacked by the other team. Aj Green is expected to play and I fully expect this game to shootout… 54 point total is a lot and I’d ride it.