Stream which jags receiver? Championship help

I have both Cole and Westbrook and can’t decide who would be better off playing? Cole has been on fire the past few games but could you see Westbrook taking the spotlight this week? I’m in standard scoring league

I have the same question and without hesitation I am playing Westbrook.

More pedigree and a longer track record

If your projected to win play the solid Westbrook. If your projected to lose go with the upside play of cole

I’m going up against Fournette, Hunt, and bell so the game is definitely not in my favor haha

I don’t think it’s close in my mind that I would play Cole. TD in 3 straight weeks and increasing targets and catches. Dede’s targets have decreased every week 4 weeks running and only have 1 td in that time. Cole has a very similar floor and much higher ceiling.