Streaming a QB. Fitzmagic, Tyrod or Flacco WHIR

I picked up Fitzpatrick but slowly thinking of doing Tyrod with his running ability. Who do yall think will be a good QB to stream this week

Fitzpatrick against Philly
Tyrod against Orleans
Flacco against Cincy.


Case Keenum…Then Tyrod

Flacco is interesting…

Fitz against that Philly D…no

I would go with Tyrod, there are going to be ALOT of points scored in that game against the Saints.
I wouldn’t try to chase the points with Fitz and I would have a hard time trusting Flacco

I think Tyrod is actually a trap play. Fitz patrick as bad as he’s been, is still a better passer than Tyrod. He looked, really, really bad. If you need a safer floor, than could maybe argue going tyrod. He can probably put up 80+ rushing yards. But I think he can also very easily just get picked off like 2 times and throw for <200 yards again.

Fitz vs Philly is a 100% fade. Philly’s D line is going to eat them alive.

If Keenum is out there, he’s a great stream. At home vs Oakland. Flacco vs Cincci is not bad either. Just saw Luck tear that defense up. Their pass D is not very good.

agreed Mr MikeMeUpp

@MikeMeUpp yea, keenum isn’t available. was thinking of trying to trade for alex smith or case keenum. but wouldn’t know who to give up with my bench of Tevin coleman, Chris Godwin, Geronimo Allison, Jamaal WIlliams, TJ Yeldon and Edelman.

Alex smith is solid. He def is a great play vs that colts secondary. Dalton put up respectable numbers and smith is better than dalton as a passer. I’d def stream smith over any of the other guys but I don’t think I’d give up much in a trade for him.

Depends on how your RB/WR situation is. Don’t really think you need to necessarily trade though. If that’s the case, you could probably just get by with streaming Tyrod. Like I said, I don’t think he’s the best play but he’s passable. If you really want to trade, then depends on if your RB situation is really good, then could give up a williams/yeldon. Otherwise, would look to WRs. I wouldn’t give up Coleman for Smith though.

@MikeMeUpp Yea my RB corp is Zeke, Fournette , Conner and the ones I mentioned earlier but WR’s are the ones I said plus Landry and Baldwin(who I will be streaming between Godwin and Allison until he gets back or Edelman gets through with his suspension.)

You need some WR help for sure. I’d try and flip Conner for a good WR if you can.

Just stream with Tyrod. You’re other players should give you enough of a ceiling to win the week. The delta between Smith and Tyrod shouldn’t be too huge if you’re in a normal 4 passing TD league.