Streaming Bradford with latest news

Streaming QB until Luck returns, have Bradford this week. Given news any advice on last minute pickups? If he plays, play him or pickup someone else? Available options are Cutler, Siemian, Flacco, Goff & Bortles.

Any help…?

I like Cutler or Flacco.

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Thanks rob

I have Bradford and just picked up someone else to play in his stead due to the uncertainty of him playing. I would play the safe option. I like Flacco better than the others.

I like Cutler. I like him enough to pick him up in 2 leagues in case Cousins is a bust. Also, there’s just so many intangibles that are in his favor because he’s coming back he’s got one last chance to prove himself he’s with Adam gase etc etc not to mention that San Diego would be a good matchup for him.

Cody kizer picked up?

Edit: Deasean

I always call him Cody *facepalm

This is not gonna be a popular opinion but i’ll go Goff

Thanks I made the move for Cutler I think he has the upside too. I won with Dalton as my QB last week so anything is an improvement!

I have Kizer in my 2 QB league but I wouldn’t start him if I didn’t have to against Baltimore

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It was between Cutler & Goff for me so not too unpopular for me, thanks

I really wish we got a Wk1 to look at cutler I’m streaming palmer and only confident because of matchup vs colts this week.

Good luck!