Streaming D/ST help

I’ve got Jacksonville… but I don’t really trust them on the road. The Titans offense has been really inconsistent but seems to be getting better.

Other options: Seattle (v. Min), NO (@TB), Washington (v. NYG), Dallas (v. Phi)

I usually prefer to go with Defenses playing at home but I’m not sure about Seattle, this week… Washington and Dallas are the most interesting to me of those, but I could use some other input. Overall I think Dallas’ D is better than Washington’s but the Skins have the better matchup.

What you think? All help much appreciated!

I’d go with Dallas - Washington is starting to show cracks and Dallas proved they can hold the best at bay when they played NO last Thursday.


That’s a really good point! I’m thinking they’re good enough to do it again too. Thanks!

Any other thoughts on this before I roll ahead with Dallas?

Thanks again

I agree with @dakline9570’s take here. I’d lean Dallas as well, safe floor and with the way they seem to be ascending and Philly being fairly volatile you could get a sneaky high ceiling from them.

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So Jacksonville does play at home v. Washington in Week 15… so I don’t think I’m going to drop them

Normally I don’t like dropping RB’s for D/STs but should I drop Duke Johnson for Dallas? I could drop Josh Reynolds… I’m leaning Johnson…

Oh yeah I’ve got no issues dropping Duke for the Jags, even if you weren’t using them we are into blocking season now and a good DST play can make all the difference.

I was holding the jags, Broncos and Titans at one stage a couple of weeks back for the playoff run. Since lost the jags on waivers but to a team in the toilet bowl so no threat to me. But yes i’d drop Duke as it sounds like you have the depth at RB and i’d prefer to hold a Rams WR that’s in for virtually every play just in case you need a miracle flex play option etc.


Have you considered the Giants vs Sanchez?

oh yeah for sure! someone already has NYG though :frowning: