Streaming Defense Opinion For Week 8

I have the colts and chiefs available in free agency. Which one do you like more?

Kansas City - looked good last week at home angainst Cincy, or was that all a symptom of prime time bengals play. Denver is not great and they have them at home.


Indianapolis - they are playing the Oakland raiders minus cooper and lynch. Will the raiders play awful, or with them being at home and against the wall will they come out fighting.

Let me know what you think.


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In a similar predicament. Still have the Colts rostered from last week. Wondering if I should stick or stream again.

Chiefs also available for me, as well as Arizona and Washington. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

pick 2 and then flip a coin. LOL I am in the same situation… Wash, Carolina, KC, Indy all decent options, but to me, there’s no clear cut easy choice.

Sorry that’s not much help, but I’m seriously considering the coin flip myself. :slight_smile:

I’ve been wronged by the coin so many times…

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I am leaning K.C. solely on the facts that Denver Gives up sacks and the ball, and the chiefs have them at home.

Something tells me Oakland comes out and proves the doubters wrong for at least this game.

I like DEF’s that are playing at home… that could be your tiebreaker.

I’m more stuck between ARZ and Washington. I really wanna go Washington but the same things you just said about Oakland is what I think about NYG this week. Plus they’re at home.

And ARZ has a good matchup but I also saw what just happened to them last week :confused:

SF’s DEF is available in a lot of leagues too, they’re not a bad choice given what the Broncos did last thursday… a new OC in AZ is a good thing but he can’t make their o-line good can he?

That SF v. AZ game is really tough to predict for pretty much all fantasy players involved LOL

I would grab Washington if I could.

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I like Indy but Hooker is out. Thats who Im going with. But the real question is week 9 Defenses?

for week 9, Miami v. NY Jets at home, Dallas v. Tenn at home :+1:

K.c. has Cleveland and Arizona on 9 and 10…hopefully last week wasn’t a fluke and I can stay with them


ooohh good call