Streaming QB decision

Should I start dalton vs Miami

Goff vs SEA

Stafford v Packers

Or should I pick up and start bottles against the Cheifs?

4pt passing tds

I like Bortles against the Chiefs, no Fournette, playing this horrible defense he should put up numbers

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It certainly looks like a good matchup…

I like Bortles actually

Could be a low score trap game but I just highly doubt the Jags can’t move the ball against that bad defense

Iforgot to mention I have Gurley in this league. Does that make goff any more appealing?

Just keep in mind, jared goff single handedly won peoples week last week. Its in seattle i know but goff has major talent around him to move the ball and earl thomas (one of the top 10 defenders so far) is now out for the season… king goffrey might help win this week too

I would officially play goff now