Streaming QB Options suck

Help! Need a Week 8 fill-in. Which should I pick up?

Ouch!!! Not good but maybe Darnold.

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Darnold? Rather than Manning or Carr?

I’m in the same boat except I mayfield on my bench. According to Mikes Sit of the Week slash Pump the Brakes on Mayfield I’m tilting… I was thinking about Carr and Darnold

Guys Darnold is facing the Bears D this week. It isn’t going to be pretty for him. You all may think I’m crazy, but don’t be surprised if Brock out scores that field this week. Yes he has a couple of WRs injured, but he still has a couple of nice tools and is off to a solid start. Hell he ripped the Bears D apart, the only QB to do so this season.

Brock or Mayfield for me I guess haha
I love playing the underdog and being able talk smack because of how much bigger my balls are

That’s definitely a swingin balls move to roll with Brock.

So I just checked again and I also could choose Blake the Snake

Wow this is tough. Don’t even consider Manning or Carr.

Brock is a relatively safer option because of his play the last 2 weeks but he’s lost Albert Wilson so that might have an effect on him, he’s against Houston who are an average defense.

Josh Rosen hurt his toe at the end of the last game, was limited in practice Wednesday, and is getting a brand new OC against the 49ers. I would avoid playing him because there’s too much uncertainty there.

Darnold is up against the Bears and looked completely out of sync against the Vikings last week. I think the pass rush really got to him and threw him off, he was missing his receivers really badly and just couldn’t get it done. I would worry with him against the Bears Defense and Khalil Mack.

Osweiler with a bag over my head and eyes closed all day.

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Carr is averaging 300 yards a game nearly and playing the Colts at home. I know they got rid of Cooper but there were many games that Cooper did absolutely nothing and Carr still threw for tons of yards. No Lynch and a trash Doug Martin only means more throwing against a team that can be thrown on. Start him this week. You don’t have to like it.

Don’t trust Rookie QBs. Especially THOSE rookie QBs. Multiple turnover upside and not showing enough yards/touchdowns/rushing to make up for it.

You didn’t see the Colts last week? Their defense put up a bunch of points and turnovers against Buffalo, I expect them to do the same to the depleted Raiders offense



Colts was a great play last week against Derek Anderson, a guy that hadn’t started a game in two years and had literally just walked in off of the street. He was largely a backup for a decade before that and wasn’t any good since his days with the Browns forever ago. Carr at home is way better than that. I know he’s not a trendy pick right now after the crying meme, but come on.

You can’t use that as a baseline for that defense.

Every Colts game (except last week) has been mosly competitive. Luck will be able to carve them up and Carr at home should be able to move the ball some. I expect some back and forth play between the two teams.

Raiders are clearly in rebuild mode, but lets look at what they did. Cooper, a guy that sometimes contributed but mostly was ‘just there’ and Lynch who actually was their best player and provided them a running game.

So now what you have is Seth Roberts, who actually isn’t bad and Doug Martin who has averaged 3 yards per carry since 2016. The running game is worse. They will be down in some games. Martin won’t be able to run. All that means more passing from Carr, who hasn’t been bad outside of the turnovers. He has a career high in completion percentage this year on mostly short throws, but I see no reason why he doesn’t have a shot at throwing for 300 any given week. Put him against a beatable defense and that is a chance I am willing to take on a steam or a fill in every time. He gets SF on the road next week. Not as good but still worth a start there too as Niners are allowing north of 275 yards a game.

I have confidence they’ll be able to play well again personally. Also reading this article has encouraged me to play them again too:

But OP, up to you who you start, I personally would go with Brock Osweiler

It’s gross but go with Brock. He’s been decent. Everyone else has been playing poorly

I don’t hate Brock how he has played the last two games, but man I think back to that Thursday night game he started for the Texans and how bad he was. How long before that pops up again?

I’m not saying Colts defense will be a bad pick. They could easily get a couple picks and maybe run one to the house and have a solid day. Even if that happens, if Carr runs a line of 300 2-2int then he’s still had a really good steaming day. Just look at his line against the Browns this year. It was at home and he allowed the Browns to get their turnover points while still putting up a ton of offensive points and fantasy points for himself. That is the upside here.

His injury is non throwing shoulder and he has played through worse before and still put up numbers. The back injury was the only one that I think significantly limited his stat lines.

I’m really glad I didn’t start Brock…I was real close…chose to get Baker which is making me nervous

Good call and bad one on my part.

In my scoring format Brock got 1 point less than bakers lowest week so I hope baker just doesn’t have his worst week on Sunday

I chose Carr. mow, he needs more than Brock’s 7 for me to feel vindicated.

Thanks for all the advice!!!