Streaming QB this coming week: Fitz or Carr

I have Carr rostered right now to cover Luck’s bye week but now suddenly Fitzpatrick has value as a starter again.

Fitz baby. He’s back! Would roster him but I don’t see myself starting anyone over Rodgers lol

I had winston. picked up Matty Ice in place of winston. Thinking really hard if i should pick up fitzmagic instead LOL i had him earlier and dropped when qb swapped

And yes both times the qb swapped i got f’d

Matt Ryan is like a start every week guy.

yea i know he is playing great this year. But i had bad memories from last year when i drafted him LOL …

I don’t know how you had him on the wire this late. Small league?

10 man . Most people have 2 qbs on their roster. He was dropped cause of BYe or something. Ive been holding onto Wilson waiting for that second half onslaught.

Who would you ROS? wilson or matty

Also on the waivers are rivers and big ben. these guys are like community qb’s LOL

Matt without hesitation. Marty ball is real in Seattle. Falcs can’t establish the run. Wilson only threw 17 times this week.