Streaming QB this week

Who’s your pick?

Andy Dalton vs Pit or Jameis Winston vs Alt

I think dalton has the safer floor since they are gonna throw the hell out of it but Winston has a chance to go big. If you’re confident in the rest of your team, I would bet on the upside of Winston. Just me. Good lick though

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I’m pretty happy with the rest of my team. I wasn’t worried but I’m facing the Barkley owner this week and he had a huge game.

I also have James White I could throw in my flex spot

You can pick up Dalton and play him the next 3 weeks, all excellent matchups:
vs Pit
@ KC
vs TB

Jameis I think will put up bigger fantasy numbers than Dalton this week, but if you want to pick up someone you can safely play for the next 3 weeks I like Dalton…

I would put James White in my flex this week…
See this game vs KC being a shootout, and White catching a lot of balls out of the backfield…

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Yeah I’m liking White for the flex this week. Brady has been loving him recently and he’s been putting up a ton of points.

Dalton was my original choice but Pit’s defense showed up against Matt Ryan last week so that’s why I was thinking Winston. Plus I’m a Steelers so I am automatically biased against Dalton haha.