Streaming QB week 11

For week 11, I have Kyle Allen to stream against ATL. Is it worth dropping him for Carr vs Cincy?

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Without a doubt. My model has Kyle Allen as the QB18 this week, even against a bad Arizona defense, and Carr is projected to be the QB6. The Ballers also have Carr above Allen (QB7 vs. QB10). Rest-of-season is even worse for Allen - he projects to be the QB31. Carr isn’t great after this week either, though (QB21 Weeks 12-16), so you’ll want another option either way.

My full QB model is below for reference. You can see that and my models and recommendations for QBs, TE and DSTs in my streaming post from earlier this week here. Comments and feedback welcome. Good luck!

What made Carr move higher in the rankings?

This week? Just the matchup, Cincy is a good D to play QBs against. Or you mean something else?

Definitely Carr for me. Deciding between Brady and Winston this week. Who do you guys like? Looking for ceiling

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Does a defensive play factor in? I am playing DJ Moore this week who is expected in many sites to have a big week. I am not sure if this is a viable strategy or not.

My model has Winston scoring slightly more than Brady. And The Ballers consensus rankings have Winston as QB7 and Brady as QB10. So I’d go Winston.