Streaming QBs for fantasy playoffs

Playoffs are upon us and I managed to make it in despite an embarrassing carousel of suck at the QB position. I had Tannehill as a 13th round keeper and thought he would deliver again. Big mistake! Thankfully, the rest of my roster is good and healthy.

Anyway, been rolling with Taysom for the past 2 weeks. There’s not much out there, but I am concerned about his upcoming schedule. Thoughts on keeping him in vs adding another streaming guy like Big Ben?

I’d rather go Taysom than the average streamer to be honest. His rushing means even bad matchups can still have a really decent score. Think of him as late season jalen Hurts. He’s not that great in real life and it’s questionable if he should be starting but he’s pretty likely to grab you 20+ points

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The only other streamer I think is worth mentioning, is Tua. He plays NYJ, NO, TEN in wks 15-17, all :poop: pass defenses and has Parker back fully healthy to compliment Waddle.

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