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Streaming QBs-Rivers or?


I have Rivers stacked with Allen or Gordon in several leagues. They are heavy favorites against Buffalo this weekend. My concern is the Chargers will probably jump significantly ahead and Rivers “take his foot off the gas”. I plan to start Allen and Gordon is all my leagues.

My decision is whether to start Rivers or stream someone like Smith or Taylor. My matches (in these leagues) are all fairly close contests.

I need some independent advice in this area. I may just be over thinking the issue and I need your help.



I’d start everyone I can against the Bills. Their offense is so bad that other teams will have a short field for the majority of the game and TDs will be scored. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the chargers at 30 points by half.


Play your Philip Rivers over Smith or Taylor for sure. (See Joe Flacco in Week 1)


You should always “play your studs”. I have the same Rivers/Allen/Gordon combination in several leagues. Buffalo played NE close for three quarters before losing big in the fourth. Their defense is above average .