Streaming QBs This Week

Here are some of the QBs available in my league:
Andy Dalton vs BUF
Jay Cutler vs Ten
Deshone Kizer NYJ
Jared Goff SEA
Who would you guys choose to start? I’m not really sure who is the best option.

Probably go with Kizer here, he’s thrown a lot of INT so far but everyone other than Miami has been able to score on the Jets and he can get you some points with his feet as well.

I like Dalton, he had a good week last week but could be in for a tougher week at BUF

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Alright who should I drop for him, Rob Kelley, Latavius Murray, or Sterling Shepard?

Most likely Kelley since he is on a bye and that backfield is a mess.

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OK thanks for the help guys.

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I am in the same situation as you this week and I’m going with Kizer, I just have a feeling, hope it doesn’t come back and burn me. Good luck brother

Yeah in a 12 team league most people have multiple QBs so if you don’t and yours is on a bye your pretty much screwed. Good luck to you to you as well.

I like to gamble and i’d be going goff. His coach has put him in really good positions this year and the legion of boom is no more. It’s pretty much ignore sherman and score points these days.