Streams - qb

So it seems that there are a handful of good streaming options this week at the QB position. I have Cam, who had a good outing this week, but it was on the back of rushing yards and a rushing TD. Which is great, but Id hardly call it reliable. In my LOR we receive an additional 3 points for a QB tossing over 300 yards. So the questions is; of the following quarterbacks, if any, do I stream them over Cam? I appreciate the input in advance!

McCown @ TB
Roethlisberger @ IND
Manning @ SF
Dalton @ TEN

I rank them Roethlisberget, McCown, Manning, Dalton. I think you are fine streaming them over Cam. They will either outscore Cam or be pretty close imo. Except for Dalton, sorry had to add that. Dalton and the Bengals offense has not looked good.

Yeahhhhh theyre kind of garbage this year haha thanks for the input!

I’d go with big ben coming off a bye and playing the colts if he was ever to bounce back amd have a big game it would be this one

That’s true, but he is playing in Indy.