Strong at RB - make a trade?

Should I make a move for better WRs or QBs? I’m currently 1st in my league. 12-team, super flex, 0.5 PPR, 4pt QB

RBs - Henry, Henderson, Darrell Williams, Mitchell, Bears backups (Damian Williams and Khalil Herbert), D’Ernest Johnson

WRs - E. Sanders, Fireball Tim Patrick, AJ Green, Lockett

QBs - Ryan, Darnold

I won’t trade Henry or Henderson. Unfortunately, the rest are backups, so I’m not sure how much value they have. Think I could package Lockett and Williams for an upgrade? Or do I just role with a huge RB advantage?

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The lack of top end WR help I would try and move those backups maybe even try to move both williams together if you can get a solid WR back

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I agree with @dbmville on this. Move both the Williams and get a better WR as a package. I would not move WR in the deal. If you had to I would consider Patrick. I really like him but I’m not sure everything holds for him given their offense and once Jeudy returns.

All that said, I’d make sure you are getting someone you want. I’m not sure you need to make the trade but it would help your WR room. I think if you keep your expectations realistic you should be fine. I know they are risky, but I like Waddle / Bateman and they might be cheap. Or even Pittman. If you are feeling a little risky you could look at Ruggs but I think he might be tough to trust weekly.

  • Craig Coffman