Struggling at 9 in ppr

10 man ppr I’m picking 9

My best mocks have been when I’ve went rb-rb
But after I take Melvin Gordon. Do I really pass on Odell or hopkins if they are there for Fournette or mcaffrey

Also the footballers have mcaffrey as consensus 6 in ppr…

I went melvin and mccaffery in my ppr, then got a wr and rb in the 3,4 turn. A lot of wr depth in the drafts later rounds


if odell or Hopkins are there, I would take either over mccaffrey

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I was in a 12 team picking 11th so I was in a different situation, just pointing out I went rb,rb and didnt have a problem filling my roster

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I feel like WR is soooooo deep this season you should go with a Stud RB… I personally would take Melvin Gordon or Fournette if they were there… CMC scares me this season

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honestly, I would take odell or Hopkins at 9, then get Gordon or mccaffrey at 12th overall

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That’s some mixed results lol

is it a 10 team or 12 team?

10 man league

I’d take OBJ over Gordon. When I’ve picked from 9, I’ve went Zero RB and ended up with teams I prefer over going RB.

However, in Full PPR, getting GOrdon / CMac is a totally fine start as well if you’re not comfortable doing zero RB drafts.

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Definitely not comfortable in zero RB.
In several mock drafts I’ve had my wr corps be
I’m good with that with 2 stud rbs I think. Thanks for input. And still looking for more!

OBJ all day long. then on the turn grab a RB (Gordon / McCaffery) or Hopkins. You lay up two solid WRs in a full PPR league and I think you can gather RBs after there when others are scrambling to pick up WRs as an idea. Risky, sure, but you can wreck it at WR and in 10 man you still have a good shot at some RBs 3/4 turn.

I agree not having a stud RB (McCaffrey is my last in PPR) can be tough but not insurmountable. Best to just watch your draft. I have found this season all my drafts are no where near any of the mocks. Not sure why, but people are flying off in a really surprising order.

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I noticed that too. I drafted already and it went chaotic. I wish I grabbed odell…
I got

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your team looks solid. you landed diggs and hill, both of which i suspect will push WR1 this year. Hogan is potentially super solid behind them. Gordon is great as RB1, Fournette i really like (even in PPR) and Miller is super under-rated with a monster workload looming. loving Burkhead and Cole as depth plays, and Reed might be the icing on this cake. I think you did really well.

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Thank you!!