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Struggling between Cole, Cooper and Baldwin


Hi Guys

I’m in a standard league that must play 3 x WRs.

I am playing Hopkins and Sanders in two spots but finding it difficult to decide on the last spot between Keelan Cole, Amari Cooper and Baldwin.

I am leaning Cole at the moment as I am not sure I can trust Baldwin with his knee not 100% and I definitely don’t trust Cooper.

Would love your thoughts.



Baldwin. Take the risk in standard.


I’d play Baldwin. Wilson pretty much has he and Lockett to choose from (I guess Brandon Marshall, too, but they have zero rapport).

I don’t see the other two as strong enough to play bc of concern over Baldwin’s injury. I think Baldwin’s prospects are still the best even with that consideration.

I go Baldwin. The Rams defense is human, too, as the Vikings showed last week (albeit with a far better offense than Seattle has - but Wilson’s elusiveness should help negate a good bit of what makes the Rams defense so formidable).


Baldwin most definitely