Struggling between Cole, Cooper and Baldwin

Hi Guys

I’m in a standard league that must play 3 x WRs.

I am playing Hopkins and Sanders in two spots but finding it difficult to decide on the last spot between Keelan Cole, Amari Cooper and Baldwin.

I am leaning Cole at the moment as I am not sure I can trust Baldwin with his knee not 100% and I definitely don’t trust Cooper.

Would love your thoughts.


Baldwin. Take the risk in standard.

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I’d play Baldwin. Wilson pretty much has he and Lockett to choose from (I guess Brandon Marshall, too, but they have zero rapport).

I don’t see the other two as strong enough to play bc of concern over Baldwin’s injury. I think Baldwin’s prospects are still the best even with that consideration.

I go Baldwin. The Rams defense is human, too, as the Vikings showed last week (albeit with a far better offense than Seattle has - but Wilson’s elusiveness should help negate a good bit of what makes the Rams defense so formidable).

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Baldwin most definitely