Struggling with 5th pick - 12 team, .5 PPR

I am really struggling with how to approach with the 5th pick in my 12 team .5 PPR league. Fifth was literally the one spot I didn’t want to get. I am fairly certain the first four picks will be the big four RBs. Naturally AB is the reasonable choice but I just don’t like the RBs that will be there for my next few picks. Do you think I should just make it work or should I grab an RB instead? I would be thinking Barkley, Gordon, or Kamara.

My league starts 1 RB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, and Flex on offense. Thanks in advance.

i have talked about this a lot cause it is a tough spot. so i made a choice. there are 5 RBs that i have to have if i want to have a strong RB core. the big 4, and their little brother melvin gordon. look he is the last of the elite RBs. he gets volume, he catches, he has no competition, his o line is improved and healthy, he was already the RB5 last year. and he is looking at a bump in production from his o line being stronger. he is the last one i have to have. then i take the legend himself AB at pick 6, and barkley at pick 7. thats how i end up doing it. proven talent and workload over hypothetical workload from barkley. we know he has the talent. its like mixon. we know he is talented. but so what? if you dont get a big workload… youre not going to do a lot. i dont think there is any world where they dont feed him, but i know what i have with gordon. then after that i look at pounding out WRs since you can start 4 every week.

Thanks for the response. I had Gordon in the same league last year and he, and McCoy, carried me to a championship. 5 is just high for him but I guess I wouldn’t have a shot at him otherwise.

people think 5 is high for him, but thats because people dont want to pay someones value. which i get, dont get me wrong. if i can wait till pick 12 and get him, im all for it. but unfortunately, you dont have that option. i mean i know not everyone agrees with me, but he wont make it back to you like you said, and i fully believe he is the last of the elite gotta havem RBs. better yet, you may even get lucky. cause i do have the top 4 guys in one teir, then gordon in his own by himself. but some people really like kamara or AB, so one of them may get picked top 4, dropping a guy to you. pick 5 really isnt all that bad. its just not the best value spot for anyone really.

I have the 5th pick in two leagues (10 team 0.5 PPR and 12 team standard) and am taking Barkley in both leagues. I think the draft sets up much better with taking the RB first and then seeing what happens with the rest of the draft. I love the WR’s in the 2nd round which is why I lean towards RB with the #5 pick.

I have Gordon as my 6th RB so taking him instead of Barkley is something I’ve considered.

In my opinion, it is very risky taking the same player in both drafts. What if that player has a season ending injury? Do you want that burden in both leagues?

If I’m 5th, I’m taking AB every time. And if I don’t like RBs in round 2, I’ll take another WR, and another and turn into a Zero RB strat if I have to.

If you’re not comfortable doing that, I’m taking Barkley. That’s the only RB I might consider taking above AB.

Melvin Gordon’s nice but there are like 4-5 other players I’d rather have. 2 of which are RBs and the others are WRs. But that’s just a matter of how I like to construct my teams. Gordon is a stud and offers an excellent floor. Don’t think he offers the same ceiling as the top tier of RBs. He’ll never lose you a week, but he will very rarely win you a week by himself. Which is the type of upside I want out of a top 5 pick.

I would just prefer to have whoever I feel is the best player, all drafts are different so I know I won’t end up with the same team. The reality is that I like certain sleepers late in drafts that I know I will have on multiple teams.

I’m in the exact same position as you. Luckily, my draft is in person. So I may be able to talk someone in the top 4 spots into taking Antonio Brown. That’s my goal this weekend. After Bell, Gurley, and DJ, I don’t even know if I want Zeke. I’m worried with no passing weapons, he’ll face stacked boxes. I guess I’d take Kamara at 5, if he drops to me.

i wouldnt worry about zeke and stacked boxes. he was already one of the most stacked against RBs in the NFL. if he had a junk o line i would worry. but zeke is a beast. aint no worries with takin him.

Zeke has faced stacked boxes his entire career. Last year, they had no weapons. Year before, they had no weapons. He still puts up 100 yards basically every game and scores double digit TDs. It doesn’t matter. Zeke is a generational talent. IMO, the best pure runner currently in the NFL and I don’t think it’s that close. He is the only one I can think of who has the physicality to run people over and also have the breakaway speed to take it the distance.

As far as I’m concerned, their receiving corps now isn’t much of a step down from last year. Dez is not good for Dak and has never been good for Dak. He cannot separate at all and Dak isn’t the guy to thread it into coverage for jump balls.

If I’m at 4, I’m happily taking Zeke. Only time I would consider maybe taking an AB over Zeke, is if its a full PPR format.

honestly part of my argument is that this WR core is actually better all around. dez is a talent, to be sure. but hurns and gallup are better together than dez by himself. especially recent dez. people keep sayin their WR core sucks. i think its just balanced. which, just so happens to fit daks style of play.

100% agree with this. Are Hurns and Gallup more talented than Dez? I don’t actually believe that. But Dez needs someone like Rodgers or Stafford who are willing to just sling it into coverage and let him make plays or alternatively, thread it in there so he can make plays. Dez is not an elite separator. He was great with Romo cause Romo just didn’t care. He’s a gunslinger. Dak is a time manager. They just dont fit. Dak fits better with multiple above average players vs just 1 talented guy.