Struggling with my last three keepers

I’m struggling to pick my 5 keepers in 10 team keeper PPR. Definites are CMC, Devante, Tyreek. Next two are tough. Options are Kerryon, Fournette, A. Jones, Keenan Allen and Rodgers. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Rbs are way harder to come by. With the two WRs you already have I think kerryon and Jones are the easy pick here. Locking in 3 top 20 rbs. (Saying this not knowing your keeper rules or any other league dynamics etc. )

10-team keeper… Even if your opponents are all keeping QBs, there’s still no scarcity at the position. (You didn’t mention this league was 2QB.) So Rodgers is out.

PPR hurts Fournette a bit. But I’d still want to have at least 2 of my keepers be RBs. Ideally 3.

So for me, the decision is down to Jones, Kerryon and Allen. Depending on what rankings you’re relying on, those are all pretty close together. And they’re close in ADP. When in doubt, I keep an RB over a WR.

But to make sure… Do a quick run-through your entire league, doing your best-bet for each teams’ 5 keepers. See what’s left over. See what guys (and/or positions) you’ll likely draft with your 1st and 2nd picks. Let that help inform who you should keep.

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Thanks very much for the well-thought out reply and sound advice. Much appreciated.

Fournette . I could not do it again. If you go Fournette don’t unless you get his handcuff. It’s not even up for debate. I value Fournette’s handcuff more than him and will try to get him in auction or make the Fournette owner pay a steep price.

I would go with a RB. The FFBers will point out that many of the non-top QBs end up in top 10 by end of the season.

I would go for an RB - they rack up more points statistically speaking. This pains me as a Packer owner, but I wouldn’t chose A Jones - he has a ceiling with a first time coach that failed up into his position and he will be in a RBBC. Personally I would choose Kerryon - he has clear role to play and you can keep him for a couple of years.

In a vacuum I’d go with Kerryon & Jones. I wouldn’t be mad if you kept Keenan over one of them being that it’s PPR.

Kerryon and Keenan would be my keepers.

Kerryon & Keenan no brainer.