Struggling with my lineup this week. Want to avoid going 0 - 3

Struggling and wanting some opinions on who I should start … Full Point PPR

QB - Stafford vs NE
RB - D. Johnson vs Bears
RB - Fournette vs Ten (Possible sit if he is downgraded to out)
WR - AJ Green vs Car
WR - ???
TE - OJ Howard vs Pit
Flex - Latavius Murray vs Bills (scooped him up right after cook went out)
D - Broncos

I am struggling on who is the best bet to start in my other WR spot also if I should try and sit fournette cause Latavius should have a solid RB1 game.

  • Larry Fitz vs bears
  • Emmanuel Sanders vs Bal
  • Keelan Cole (could be the obvious choice if fournette is out)
  • Allen Robinson vs Ari
  • Cooper Kupp vs LAC

QB - Stafford
RB - Murray
WR - Robinson
Flex Fournette/Cole

That’s my suggestion.

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I would keep fournette in. And I would play Murray as well. For wr2, its tough. My top two options generally would be Sanders and A-Rob. I’m a little scared of A-Rob gettng Patrick Pederson treatment though, and Sanders is a little banged up with tough matchup. I think I would still go Sanders though, stay in the flames.

That’s what I had originally cause Robinson has a good matchup and was getting more looks.

Yeah I honestly think its between Sanders and Robinson for the WR position. I was worried when Sanders didn’t get any looks the first half.

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