Struggling with my roster

Hello All!

I like the team I drafted, but Week 1 has left me with some tough decisions. This is a 12 team standard league and I’m currently projected to lose 114-108.

Because of Baldwin getting hurt, at the moment I have the following lineup:
QB: Tyrod vs Saints
WR: Keelan Cole vs NE
WR: Chris Hogan vs Jacksonville
RB: Melvin Gordon vs Buffalo
RB: Alex Collins vs Cincy (got 9 points)
Flex: Ajayi vs Bucs
Flex: Kupp vs Arizona

I’ve already benched Stafford for Tyrod so I can get some upside, but I’m thinking of sitting Cole or Hogan in exchange for Mike Wallace and asking for more upside, what does everyone think of that idea? My opponent has a lot of great matchups:

Maholmes vs Pittsburgh
Michael Thomas vs Cleveland
Diggs vs Green Bay
Barkley vs Dallas
Mike Williams vs Buffalo
Kittle vs Detroit

Not gonna lie, I think you lose this week. Who knows though, right?

Who else do you have on your team?

I have Hogan and Cole almost on the same level this week, but would lean towards Hogan because Brady. But I’m not excited about either.

Dion Lewis, Crowder, Breida, and John Brown. Wish I would of played Brown, but he was hard to trust.

So if you think I should lose, taking a flier on Wallace would make sense?

That’s tough. I think if it’s me, I run with Dion, and flip a coin on benching Hogan or Cole.

Probably bench Cole. Fingers crossed most of the attention goes on Gronk and Hogan gets a bounce back week.

Well, Gordon OUT changes my Tyrod plans. Might need to just take the L this week

Ouch. Tyrod could still be a good option. Remember, he’s mostly a pick due to his running ability

No options for QB on the waivers?

Keenum, Darnold, and Foles are the only ones that present any upside

Stick with Tyrod. He didn’t really target Gordon much last week even though Gordon was on for almost 80% of the plays. He has decent value even without Gordon.

Keenum looks like a good option too though.

Thanks buddy!