Struggling with this trade offer

1/2 point PPR, 12 team keeper league.

Was just offered his Dalvin Cook, Keenan Allen & Kupp for my Kamara, John Brown & Godwin.

I’m not a Cook believer this year due to the ACL surgery, but I like that he hasn’t played much so far.

What complicates the trade is that it is a keeper league and Kamara has significant value as a keeper for 2019, however I am playing for THIS year (currently in 3rd place and looking good for playoffs).

Essentially with the trade I will be going from a core of Kamara/McCaffrey/David Johnson/Hill/J. Brown/Godwin to a core of Cook/McCaffrey/David Johnson/Hill/Allen/Kupp.

Part of me thinks I should jump all over this offer, but then another part of me thinks Kamara could be a league winner. When I run the PPG it is very close, but Cook is a wildcard as we don’t really know what he will do.

Does he happen to have Lat Murray as well? I’d want him added in here, and if he isn’t an option, then another RB option maybe on the level of Tevin or Duke or someone like that. Just something to account for Cook potentially busting again.

He doesn’t have Murray. Although honestly I don’t know if that changes anything for me. If it gets to the point where I’m resorting to starting Murray I’m probably toast anyway.