Who would you drop for a kicker on this team? 6-4 but in a tight race (though w/ most points in league by far)

QB: Patrick Mahomes
RB: Saquon Barkley
RB: James Conner
WR: Michael Thomas
WR: Kenny Golladay
WR/TE: Tyler Boyd
TE: Travis Kelce
FLEX: Aaron Jones
DEF: Arizona
K: Gostkowski (bye; can’t drop him ,right?)
BN: Marvin Jones
BN: Courtland Sutton
BN: Chris Carson
BN: Mike Davis
BN: Lamar Miller
BN: OJ Howard (Kelce’s bye is next week)
BN: Russell Wilson (just dropped A. Collins for him – fill in for Mahomes next week)

Put a goose in the kicker column this week.

Absolutely not

I’d drop Davis to be honest. You have Barkley and Conner as every week starters so Carson, Davis, Jones, Miller, Sutton, Jones Jr are all just in that flex rotation based on matchup for you anyway, Likely you will be playing Aaron Jones or Carson there most weeks anyway. You don’t need to hold multiple pieces of the Seattle backfield, if Carson goes down it is just as likely that Penny gets the vast majority of work as Davis and given how the Seahawks use their RBs in rotation you wont ever feel happy about playing one.

You have loads of RB depth, limited WR behind MT so Davis is the clear drop here.

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If you are favored to win by more that 7 I say drop a gooser on your opponent

Never take a guaranteed 0 too many things can happen and projections are garbage. I have been favored by over 50 points before and either just barely won or lost. ANYTHING can happen. Drop Davis you aren’t playing him and can wait for Carson and even then aren’t playing him over your other RB. If you want try trading a 2-1 Davis and maybe Marvin Jones for someone then you get a piece and have an open roster spot. Chances are if you can’t, next week Davis will still be available when you drop your backup K

Davis is the obvious answer if you insist. Makes me want to throw up thinking about loosing him for a week’s production from a backup kicker, though.

The idea of choosing to take a 0 in what I said was a tight race makes me want to throw up, TBH

Whole lot of throw up on the ground. I get your point though and as others mentioned Davis seems to be the consensus.