Stuck on a trade offer

Need some input! I received an offer of Adrian Peterson for Kirk Cousins. I also have Cam and my RBs are in shambles. My other RBs are Fournette, Kerryon (bye), Lamar Miller and Alex Collins.

It is a full PPR in case that matters. What do you guys think?

Yes. With Cam on your roster you have little need for Cousins, and you could use the RB help

TOugh Call.

I think AP is trash. He gives you 2-3 good games a season and gives you duds the rest of the time. I also think he injured himself in last weeks game.

But 2 QBs is also not very valuable when you have Cam.

I’m pretty meh about this.

See, that’s kind of where I’m at, too with AP! It stinks lol Can’t seem to drum up anything better trade wise either.

I don’t think either will be too valuable for you, but AP more so than Cousins I think. Especially with Cam already having his bye week.