Stuck on my last WR spots

Already started R. Anderson at WR. 2 spots left between D. Adams, T. Hill, and M. Sanu. Thoughts? wokkawokka #pingpongsound

I’m in a 1/2 point PPR league

This is Hill’s big game week if you look at his trend.

Tyreek Hill with confidence.

Tyreek too

So who takes that last spot? Adams has very little to go on since Hundley took over. He was targeted 10 times when Aaron first went out, then was just 2/5 for 12 against the saints. I’m liking Sanu’s targets lately, but can he keep it up against Carolina?

Haha his up/down trend? I guess the defenses have matched the trend for the most part

Yeah it is coaching. Andy Reid is pretty predictable so far. He has almost successfully alternated big games for Tyreek Hill and Kelce, and tries to give hunt 100 yards per game.

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I would try Adams. Carolina has only given up WR points to great QB’s. I just don’t trust Matt Ryan this year. Adams CB matchup gave up 193 yards last week to JuJu

That’s who I’ve currently got on the lineup. Thanks for the help! One last question on this one…where do you find stats like the CB matchup?

What Fantasy app do you use? Yahoo has the opponent in red (tough matchup for position), yellow, or green (easy matchup). Green Bay is playing Oakland which is a yellow in Yahoo and then you can click on Oakland to see all the WR that have scored against them. Its a pretty useful tool, plus I heard on one of the fantasy podcasts or shows that Oakland CB’s were banged up. Just look at the injury report for Oakland. Both the starting Left CB and backup Left CB are out this week. Mike Clay does fantasy WR/CB matchups also from ESPN.

Right on, thanks. I’m just using the ESPN fantasy app my league is through and then doing my own research and podcast listening. Played R. Anderson because of a CB change as well, but I just happened to hear about that one. Our app does show opponent rank but doesn’t link to more details as far as I can tell.

Actually that last reply was completely not relevant to you lol. Oakland is playing Miami . Davante Adams plays Detroit. Detroit CB matchups are green though so that was my reasoning.

Yeah I followed haha. I’m definitely aware of the Mia/Oak matchup because I’m stuck banking on Drake after leaving Forté on my bench🤦🏻‍♂️ I was waiting to hear about Zeke/Morris.