Stuck on trade proposal! Please Help. ScreenShots

10 team standard

I like that trade-I would do it but ya gotta think about there bye weeks coming up-

He just swapped Still for Marvin jr even better I think with stills qb situation

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Marvin Jr makes it even better in my opinion

Wentz Hunt and Stills wins the trade by a wide margin. Click confirm quickly if that’s your option.

Idk man I’m not a fan of giving up WRs/RBs for QBs.

Here’s what I think about the values:
Shady is about equal to Kareem Hunt.
Sterling Shephard is better than Marvin Jones.
Amari Cooper is more valuable than Wentz.

I mean if you’re stacked at WR and NEED a QB (and for some reason there isn’t good options on the WW in a 10 team, 1 QB league) then do it. If not, I’m not a fan

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If this is a standard league shady has 69 points points total and hunt has 134 total not equal at all. Sterling is better that jones. And cooper had one good game and right now wentz is balling out. Wentz is just a bonus in my opinion

This is my squad03D5D4A1-0863-494F-815F-341EDAAE3636

I honestly think mcCoy has a Waaaaaay better schedule vs hunt, and yes once Sterling comes back he def will be the number one target for manning.

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You can’t go strictly by past points scored, those points don’t matter, it’s all about future points. Hunt had one monstrously huge game that boosted his total points for the season up by a lot (and had an unsustainable streak of 50 yard breakaway runs in the beginning of the season), and Shady didn’t find the endzone until last week (no need to read into that, touchdowns are fluky). Fantasy football is about talent and opportunity, and they’re both extremely talented players with workhorse roles and massive week by week upside. Yes, Hunt has the better offense, but Shady has the better schedule IMO. So let’s cancel those argument points out.

So to sum it up- yes, Shady and Hunt are roughly equal. I’d give the slight edge to Hunt, but key word: slight.

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If I were you, I’d focus on improving your RB2 slot instead of your QB. Work horse RBs will make your fantasy team in standard.

Maybe cooper and Lewis packaged together for an RB1 if you could swing that? Send some offers out and try to see what you can get

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I say don’t do it. Yes, Shady McCoy has a much better schedule but what we are faling to see is that Tyrod also is a benefactor of that same schedule. Are you going to get Wentz and stash him, spot start him in exchange with Tyrod, trade him? Lets pretend that there is a quarterback in Miami for a sec. Would you still start Stills over Shepard given the WR situation in NY?

I say nay.

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These are all great points that’s why I love the -#FootClan

He maybe go for a 2-1 Cooper and Lewis for Hint what do you think about that???

If he would bite, yes

If you could pull that off my only other worry about shady. is sure the buffalo defense is good but there about to be going up against some tough scoring offenses. saints, chargers defense was solid last week in Denver,New England. if they get behind and have to get rid of the run all together that’s helping teams focus on shady and might lead to tougher games. Hunt has a tougher defensive schedule it a better offense. Plus hunt is more than likely getting you 10 points a game