Stuck on who to draft

Im in a 14 man non-ppt with very odd roster construction.

I have the 7th pick. Assuming McCaffery, Barkley, Zeke, Cook, Kamara, and Henry are gone, who is the pick? Michael Thomas seems safe and easy, especially with having to start 3 WR/TE and being able to start a total of 4. However, RBs are few and far between this year. Thoughts?

There are plenty of options !

Josh Jacobs and CEH instantly comes to mind if they are there at 7.

Also don’t forget about Mixon and Drake.

Personally non PPR, I am less interested in Ekeler but sometimes he slips into the 2nd round if you do decide on Thomas. (which is also not a bad pick)

Little risky though, otherwise your looking at a lev bell or the mush mash could be tier 5 guys. Chris Carson maybe could be your 2nd pick if you go Thomas? not bad.

You also could just load up on straight WR, and pick up a back in the 4th-6th like Akers/ Howard. Given how heavy your league is on WR.

I agree that you have plenty of options.
I could see someone taking Thomas early as well. The question is do you want a RB in the 1st or a WR? I love Michael Thomas but I lean Josh Jacobs only because WR’s are deeper.

Certainly a ton of options, yet I am completely torn and have flip flopped back and forth over the past 3 days lol! Thomas seems like the safe pick and one that would be nice to have considering I can start 4 WRs. Based off of the last 2 years, RBs will fly off the board in round 1 then there will be a big run on WRs/TEs in round 2 and 3 leaving some RBs to fall to me.

I guess this really comes down to I cant figure out which RB to take at 7 if I dont go Thomas. With Mixon, CEH, Chubb, and Jacobs all potentially being there I want a safe bet but cant decide who that is!