Stuck to Kyler like Glue - Drop for one of these?

I have Lamar Jackson and I’ve been holding Kyler since the BYE. I don’t know why but im so reluctant to drop him but now i think here’s my opportunity.

12 team standard, two people dropped Kareem Hunt and Kenyon Drake (I’m the DJ Owner). I am most certainly picking up 1, but if i want a shot at both id have to drop Kyler for the second pick. Would you drop kyler for one of them?

Also what priority would you pick them up. I lean Drake for free, and then Hunt for kyler.

My team:
Qb: Jackson, Kyler
WR: keenan, kupp, sutton, juju, McF1
RB: carson, coleman, montgo, singletary, DJ
TE: waller
kicker: zuerlein
Def: Pats

My other thought holding me back is Jackson getting injured or just blocking other teams from a strong QB option.

I like Hunt more than Drake, because who knows what happens in that backfield once Edmonds comes back as well. I prefer to avoid the headache if at all possible. I’d try trading DJ to whomever picks Drake up honestly and see what you can get for him because he won’t be helping your team whatsoever ROS.

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Our trade deadline is over, i tried trading him. Im stuck with DJ until i decide to drop him. ): haha

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don’t drop Kyler, the dude is a god. You could probably play him on the week lamar plays the niners.

I would drop McLaurin before I dropped Murray. At this point in the year I like to not have to worry about my qb getting injured and have a backup ready to go