Stuck with 1.01

Does anyone know if there’s any way my dynasty league can do offseason trades? I have pick 1.01 and was really hoping I could trade down. I ended 2nd in my league and a pick I traded for early in the season became pick 1.01 and I wanted to trade it for more picks since this is a pretty loaded draft.

If I have to keep pick 1.01, who would you recommend to draft?

I want to take advantage of the depth in this draft so bad!

My recommendation is to change your league from NFL to sleeper and then you can trade however you want. As for the 1.01…it depends on your roster but you gotta get at least a top RB and some other young talent in return for it. You should be able to draft a very talented young rb at that position so only trade if you’re getting more than that

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