Studs on Waivers

I need some help. I’m currently 4-4 (even though I feel like I have the best team in the league) and this morning I noticed Sterling Shepard, Evan Ingram and Chris Hogan are on waivers. I have $36 of FAAB left and quite frankly I want to add all 3. Not sure how much I should wager cuz it’s a competitive league and I’m more or less going to have to break the bank to get at least two of them. Right now I have $16 wagered on Shepard and $2 on Ingram hoping I can steal him. Rest of my team is below. Do you think I should wager more or what are your thoughts?

RB: Freeman, Hunt, Kamara, Anderson, Lewis
WR: M. Thomas, Hopkins, Diggs, Garcon, Amendola
TE: Henry, Clay (IR)

It’s a 10 team, half-point PPR, 3 keepers.

If Hogan could just stay healthy…

Man I would probably switch your bids between Engram and Shepard. I think the rooks going to be their playmaker.

I think Shepard is a poor mans version of Jarvis Landry in previous years so he might get the dinks and dunks but can’t make the big play or be a consistent threat for TD’s.

Hogan’s injured so you might be able to get him on the cheap if you wanna stash him. Might be able to get him for a buck but I would go $2.