Studs vs Depth - PPR dynasty

Footclan! How do you guys feel about having studs (Gurley, Bell, DJ) vs having depth at premium positions in dynasty?

Right now, my dynasty team isn’t as deep as I would like it to be for a two flex league. I was wondering if I should trade Gurley for another stud and extra pieces?

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QB- Ben
RB- Gurley
TE-Rudolph / Cook
Flex - Michel , GB RB, Shepard, Davis
Flex-Godwin , Agholor, Tyell, Washington ??

Solid Team. Don’t think i Would trade a stud. They are going to carry your team. you can only start 8 players . I think you are good.

Maybe trade draft picks instead. people love those.


Thanks! The reason I ask is because I just received this offer… and it’s tempting.

Gurley, Davis for
Michael Thomas, Hunt, Mack (or Kerryon), 2019 1st (or 2019 3rd with Kerryon)

Just to reinforce my comment on your other thread, i want the studs for sure as they win you titles and points on the bench do not. But everyone has a price and if I’m trading a stud guy like a young top 5 RB on a good team, i don’t care if the other owner says I’m being greedy i want the kings ransom or nothing

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I don’t think you need to but,

Just leave it at

Thomas , Hunt , Kerryon , and a 1st .

It Feels reasonable , and with 2 1st you could always make a move for a better RB or WR.

Take it or leave it kind of thing.


I am not certain I would mess with it. Like @James89 mentions, it is not worth moving a stud for anything less than a king’s ransom. Gurley is not really that old. He has solid value in Dynasty.

That said, the offer is not bad but I would absolutely hold out for the 1st round pick. I know it is a dart throw, but it is solid trade bait in dynasty especially. But this is not a trade I would just automatically make.

Getting all those pieces likely tips the scales ever so slightly in your favor. I can see a strength in WR and a dip, but not a drop, at RB as enticing. Your WR need more secure players IMHO. Lots of potential there but not (yet?) security. Same with RB, but you have a stable of nice young studs with upside. You would definitely come out of this with two set-it-and-forget-it players which helps with your FLEX situation.

This trade is certainly not the king’s ransom you would hope, but it is also not an insult. I can see taking it if you like to play a bit more risky. Stay put if you would rather keep a little conservative. No problem with either, just style choices.

If you do take it, I think the 2019 1 should be asked for with Kerryon since he is also unproven in a muddy backfield. Consider it hedging the risk that Hunt splits more with Ware being back and Kerryon does not quite pan out.

I hope something in this rant helps :slight_smile:

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