Stumped on Keepers

My league is a 12 team standard scoring QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE and a Flex league. We are allowed to keep 2 players not from the same position for up to 3 season. Each year the keeper is drafted 2 rounds earlier then the previous draft.

Why I’m stumped


I have either Connors in the 10th or Chubb in the 7th.

I’m leaning heavily toward keeping Connor


This is where I’m stumped.

Locket in the 8th

Mike Williams in the 11th

Dante Pettis in the 15th

Tyler Boyd in the 15th

I’m leaning toward the upside of Pettis. My draft isn’t till labor day weekend so I’m hoping the preseason cleans this up for me.

For me I’d keep Conner in the 10th to have the picks in the earlier rounds. As far as the WR I’d be fine with either Mike Williams or Pettis. I’d probably go Pettis for the same reason, later round pick.

I think Connor is an easy lock. I think Pettis could be fantastic, but I think Boyd is more locked into his targets and you already know he is a very good WR from what he did last year.

Connor and Boyd

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Connor and Boyd

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Boyd for sure. Connor is a fine pick but I’d go with Chubb. Faster, much stronger and with more weapons around him, he’ll have better lanes. Chubb will also get more passes. He can catch when given the opportunity which should increase. That’s just me though and totally get why people would go with Connor because he’s already in that situation.