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Stupid League. I'm quitting! HELP


There was a trade request between 2 owners. EZEKIEL ELLIOT for DAK PRESCOTT. The owner with Dak declined the trade offer. Please comment so that when I quit I can show both owners this so they can see i’m not the only one that thinks they are dumb.

1QB, 2 WR, 2RB, FLEX, 1/2 PPR


I probably would have taken it, but there are so many unknowns as to when Zeke will actually play, I don’t blame him for not. At best, you get him week 5, at worst, he pushes the penalty back so far that he can’t play on the playoffs when you need it.

Not sure how your league works, but for mine, all that matters is making it to the playoffs and then winning. So not having Zeke come playoff time would really hurt unless you play a keeper league and then can trade him to someone for the last few weeks.