Stupid League Rules

Ok quick vent session here:

For some reason, in my league, we allow teams to drop players mid-draft. Its a kinda dynasty league where our off season draft is a mix of rookie and FA. So, if in a round, someone wants to draft player A, but his team is full, he can drop someone and draft player A. That really sucks because whoever is picking next has first dibs to pick the newly dropped player.

Annnnyyywayyy, someone -in the last round- dropped Evan Engram (yes EVAN ENGRAM) for a defense! Then the guy picking next (my top competition) grabbed him!

Stupid Rules, Stupid Players.

So this is coming from a completely different perspective. And I know it doesn’t help…but the stupidest rule is not in the way your league drafts. It’s that you roster and start a DEF.

Coming in close second is the owner who dropped Engram. Tell them about the Pod. Make them a better player!

I would not fault your top competitor. They did as you would have. Should be re-assuring.

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I’m not upset about the top competitor; I’m upset that the league rules allowed for such a stupid mistake.

As for the DEF, I have to disagree; DEF can (and have) scored as much as a WR1. See Jax from last year. Plus it takes some skill, unlike with K, to play the matchups.

Also, to clarify further, the team didn’t have to drop the DEF as you didn’t need to roster a kicker and DEF coming out of the draft. You could have left that spot open until the season started.

Understood. Your league, your feelings about it. :slight_smile:

In dynasty, my preference is to ‘boot’ kickers and def. They take up valuable roster spots if you have 2-3 each. I personally would rather use those spots for WR/RB/TE/QB fliers.

In redrafts, I’m fine with Kickers and Def because you can more easily stream the position. I would suggest that there is just as much skill and strategy to picking a kicker as there is a Def.

I completely understand that in dynasty; I didn’t explain the details of the league clearly because its a little unique. Essentially, its a large keeper league (playoff teams keep up to 10 and non can keep up to 17). Very odd league with odd rules.

As for kickers, my brother says the same thing but I don’t see it. With DEF, you can research the Vegas total on the game, matchups, and home vs away trends to influence your decision. But, I’ve never understood how to predict whether a team will be in a situation to kick a FG as opposed to scoring a TD. Can you tell me your strategy? I could use it to my advantage lol.

Because you asked, and for one time only…

You want kickers who have opportunity. This can come from:

  1. Lots of XP on high scoring teams. Like the LA Rams last year and traditionally GB.
  2. Field Goals. This typically occurs on mediocre/bad teams because they cannot convert in the redzone.

You also want accurate kickers. Some leagues penalize on misses but more importantly you only get so many opportunities in a game. Need Kickers that will consistently convert.

I use a site like this to get data each week. I will typically sort by XP Att and FG Att to find the opportunity then by XPM and FGM to find those who are accurate.

If your league rewards for longer FG, you can sort by those kickers who are getting more opporunitys for 50+ yards. That’s one of the things that drew me to Greg Zuerlein last year.

Finally I try to pick a kicker who has the highest XP Att and FG Att with the highest accuracy. For me kicker is less of a weekly matchup game, and more identifing the player who’s performing well. This can change throughout the season. Don’t be afraid to pick up a new one if yours is losing opportunity or accuracy.

My strategy is mostly employed during the early part of the season to find the good kicker and ride them for as long as they are relevant. At any time that the kicker is failing me or on a bye week I employ the strategy again. This is how I identified Harrison ‘ButtKicker’ Butker early. His FG Att and FGM was outstanding.

Kickers, yeah!

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