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Stupid not to take this trade?


Standard league. Someone wants my Mike Evans for Chris Thompson, Zach Ertz and Will Fuller. We start 2 WR and my others are D. Adams, Chris Hogan and P. Garcon. My other RB’s are Zeke , Aaron jones Hyde and Perine. This trade reallly came about because it looks like Zeke won’t play…again. But whether or not he is suspeneded, shuold I take this trade just on value?


I would take it, you get the second best TE in the league and a RB in case Zeke is suspended.


thats where I was at. Plus my bench will be loaded. Thnx


Who’s your current TE? I have to disagree, if it was PPR, i’d say to take it. But Evans is way too good to give up for Basically a TE. Thompsons worthless in standard, and no way Fuller keeps getting TDs, and your depth isn’t bad, i think you can get by With Jones and Hyde for 6 weeks till Zeke gets back. Check waivers for RB, and take trade if you think it’ll make your team better and you’ll use those guys, but i don’t think its gonna help you that much, Evans is Top 5 WR.