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Stupid question? Big Ben @CLE or Stafford vs ARI


Standard 12-team.

Logic would dictate Big Ben… but I think Stafford will be in a shootout. I could see Ben laying an egg like he did last year vs Cleveland and letting Bell do all the work. Am I over thinking? Maybe Ben will want to reacquaint himself with Bryant?


I think you have to go Ben.


Right? But I like making mountains out of molehills.


I wouldn’t overthink it, just go with Ben. They might want to test out Martavis like you mentioned, and Bell is a strong pass catcher so those are still points for Big Ben.


I think if you start Ben and Stafford goes off you at least can say you played the right matchup. You’d be kicking yourself if Ben lights it up and stafford has an average week against a good pass D


Yeah, you guys are right. I just needed to hear it from the Foot. My opponent has Brady, so I will hope for more than 10pts.


I’ll play devil’s advocate here… Stafford no matter what is almost guaranteed an average week based on volume alone… Ben could either have 300+ yards and 3-5 TDs or 150 yards and 0 TDs… depends on what you project from the rest of your team… if you need a huge game from QB you gotta go Ben… if you just need a safe 15 point game then I’d go Stafford.