Stupid question that you can probably answer

Why are 17-week leagues terrible? I’ve heard them talk about it but never heard the reason.

It looks like the one I’m in has 15 regular weeks, then playoffs. Are we in the terrible category? I would ask the commissioner, but I only know one guy in this league (the rest are his friends) and no one ever talks but us.

The problem with week 17 games is that many NFL teams, that have wrapped up their play off spots, will rest their best skill position players in order to avoid injury as they head into the NFL playoffs. Teams in that position probably have a lot of valuable fantasy players so to play a championship game on week 17 means that stud players like Tom Brady, Lev Bell, Carson Wentz etc may not play in their season finale which would crush fantasy teams that had relied on those players to bring them success in their fantasy season, only to lose them for the most important game of the year. To play a championship fantasy game without Lev Bell (for example) would not be a true reflection of the strength of that team. The best team should win championships and having your best player(s) rested and not in the lineup will likely result in the best team not winning the champ.

Please see my post “WR ? - pick 1 to start” if you have a chance

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Much appreciated! I think I was forgetting actual playoffs start in January, so there would be a 2 week break after my league’s last regular games.

So the follow up question is because I’m hearing that tonight is the start of Fantasy playoffs. My league is listed for 15 regular weeks, then a 2-round playoff. Just confused about that still

It’s because most leagues start their playoffs this week so that the championship game will be held no later than week 16 of the actual football season. Sounds like your league only 4 teams make the playoffs and the semi-final round is week 16 of the actual football season and the championship match during week 17.

Some leagues start their playoffs in week 14. For example, in one of my leagues, 6/12 teams go to the playoffs, and it starts this week. For week 14, the top two teams get byes, and then # 3 plays # 6, and # 4 and # 5 play each other. Then there are four teams in week 15, and then two teams in week 16.

Also, some leagues do a “two week long” final championship thing for weeks 15 and 16, it’s like a total of your points for both weeks. So I guess playoffs would have to start in week 14 for that scenario. Not really sure how all that exactly works though.

Wait so I AM in the terrible 17 category? 4-team playoffs happening in those weeks when a lot of starters will likely sit?


yep, you’re in a terrible league

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This is terrible news. May be time to commish my own next season!