Suggestion for improving the UDK

I didnt really see anywhere else to put this. The UDK should have an option where in Rankings, Projections, or Cheat sheets you can check off players so you can use the UDK for your draft and mark off taken players. That is all. The end.

If you use the UDK Mobile App you can mark players on those lists. I agree it would be helpful to be able to do that on the web version.

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Oh I didnt realize it was there on mobile I’ll have to check that out thanks! But weird it would be available on mobile but not desktop.

So I have a better question then. For the markings you can put on each player, I get what the yellow star and red X are for, but what would the blue dot mean?

The way I have used them is a Star for players I draft, Red x for the do not draft, and Blue dot for players I want to target. And of course set players to drafted once they are gone (and I chose to hide drafted players)

Sleeper and MFL also have different features on their site & app, I guess it’s due to how differently they’re developed. I’m guessing you’d need a whole team dedicated to each.